Turning movie plots into D&D adventures: Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park

The PCs are invited to a private island compound owned by the wealthy and eccentric Lord Hammond, a man they befriended at some point in the past. Thanks to their assistance retrieving some mystical runestones in a previous adventure, Lord Hammond (and his team of wizards and laborers) was able to construct a series of elaborate and magically warded pens, into which he now seeks to place the rarest and most dangerous monsters the world has to offer…

The PCs are hired by Lord Hammond to track down a series of rare magical beasts (think dangerous but not highly intelligent or magical, like a Hydra, Otyugh, Umber Hulk, and, yes, maybe even dinosaurs). They’ll need to defeat the beasts without killing them, subduing them long enough to apply magical collars which will then transport the creatures to the pens on Hammond’s island.

Over a period of months the PCs are rewarded handsomely for filling up Hammond’s menagerie, until finally they are the guests of honor at an extravagant gala marking the completion of the collection. The island is packed with wealthy nobles from across the kingdom, and the occasion would be absolutely perfect if it weren’t for an unfortunate thunderstorm…and lightning which seems to be interacting strangely with the runestones that prevent the creatures from escaping…



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